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Synthetic Turf Installation-Synthetic Turf Team of Wellington

It takes a lot to create a beautiful home, building, property, or other space where everyone—including pets—can spend time and enjoy fresh air all day long or when the weather allows it at least. If you’re trying to cut down on the choices and save money, it is important to prioritize green space maintenance and synthetic turf installation so you won’t have to invest as much as natural grass requires you to. Synthetic Turf Team of Wellington is available to assist you with this project, and we can start by assessing your space to determine what type of turf is the best for you.

It is not an easy task to install this element in any property or space. The professionals must evaluate the area and take all necessary measures to design the landscape and come up with the result that can satisfy the client. This is why we take our questions seriously and want you to provide as much information as possible, which includes:

  • There is foot traffic volume.
  • If your pets are allowed to use the green space.
  • It will be used for various activities or maybe not.
  • The landscape’s current design and how the turf might affect it.
  • Shock reduction level needed or if you want to prevent as much harm as possible.
  • It should be safe and durable for children who will play or maybe not.

Everything is dependent on the needs and projects of each client. Our job is to take into consideration all aspects to determine the best turf and grass options available and come up with different designs, if possible, so you can also choose one that is within your budget.

What Makes Our Synthetic Turf Superior?

There are many brands of artificial turf on the market.

We do our best to make our own synthetic turf to guarantee its durability, longevity, and overall performance. If we have to use a supplier for a particular type of turf, it will be from one of our trusted partners who follow our standards:

  • All products/options can be used with pets and are non-toxic.
  • For the fibers, we use only high-quality materials like nylon and polyethylene.
  • To ensure that your turf or grass looks beautiful and is safe, you should always use the most recent technology, which is exactly what we strive for and make possible regardless of the space we are helping with.

As new needs emerge, we have been hard at work developing new options. We have added heat block and improved liquid drainage over the years to our turf and grass. Additionally, we work to ensure that each piece of artificial turf stays its original color for longer periods of time.

Artificial turf can fade or become discolored over time, especially in Florida’s heat. Our turf is resilient to all weather, and it can be enjoyed with little maintenance for up to ten years unless it has been damaged by extreme external influences.

Our turf is covered by a 15-year warranty. We will also cover any maintenance or repair that is within it, and for it, our team will assess the damage or just go to your property as needed and based on the paperwork. This allows you to not only save money but also expect less disruption in your day because synthetic turf is resistant regardless of where it is installed.

What to Do When You Have Synthetic Turf

This artificial option can be a great investment, and it is easy to see why anyone who has a garden, patio, or green space that they use regularly will benefit.

Natural turf is expensive and requires a lot of care. It will need to be watered frequently, which can increase your water bill. To keep it green and healthy, fertilizers are needed 90% of the time, leading to an extra expense and chemicals you shouldn’t want in your spaces.

Synthetic turf does not require any special maintenance. You can water it once or twice per month. The fertilizers will be gone, and your synthetic turf can look great all year thanks to its resistance to all weather conditions.

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Our synthetic turf is ideal for anyone who wants to create a green space or add it to their property. It will last at least ten years, and the ROI is unavoidable as it pays for itself in time and money.

You may also consider other situations or elements when choosing the perfect type, such as your pets or children since they need extra benefits from the surface.

Synthetic turf is a great option for patios with pets or children who will be playing a lot. It doesn’t absorb heat and reduces shock. It can also help connect them to nature without having to use chemicals or fertilizers.

Synthetic turf has many benefits, but there is one downside: it depends on how it is installed.

We Guarantee the Best Installation to Make Your Investment Worthwhile

Synthetic Turf Team of Wellington’s professionals will manage the entire process. They will ensure that synthetic turf lasts over a decade.

The first step is to assess your space and determine the best turf type for it. After this, we will begin the landscaping design and give you an estimate so that you can know the cost of the job.

We will begin the project once you have approved our design. Depending on the size of your worksite, it may take up to three days to complete. If you have any additional requests or needs, our team can accommodate them.

Once the professionals are done, you can use the space immediately. You can also let your pets and children roam free if you want to install it elsewhere.

Contact us to have this task handled by our experts and start working on the green space of your dreams; we guarantee it will be worth your time and investment, and choose us as the professionals for this project.

Call, email us, or feel free to visit our offices anytime in Wellington and nearby areas.

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