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Boynton Beach-Synthetic Turf Team of Wellington

Synthetic Turf Team of Wellington is focused on one goal: to make sure all people in Boynton Beach can connect with nature. For this, we provide synthetic turf installation and many other services that will allow them to work on having the most stunning patio, garden, or simply green space for their enjoyment.

Natural grass and turf require constant watering and fertilization. They also need chemicals that can withstand all weather conditions, and if it wasn’t enough, because of all the care required, they could be time-consuming and expensive in the long run.

Synthetic turf and grass are a solution to all the issues that come with the natural option. The new technology makes it possible to have green spaces that are safe and resilient, and they will last for many years, allowing people to enjoy it and their pets to have fun as long as the right type of turf is installed based on foot traffic, activities, and people or pets using it.

We are proud to offer the finest products made from nylon and polyethylene and pet-friendly and eco-friendly materials. This allows homeowners, business owners, and employees to have an area that is safe and won’t be disturbed anytime soon.

What We Offer All Individuals in the City—And Even Visitors

Because it is so common to have at least one pet, especially a dog, in a house, pet turf is a very popular choice. 

This type of turf is commonly requested due to its liquid drainage properties, how it resists heat, and can withstand all the digging, force, and pulling dogs are used to doing when enjoying their time outdoors.

Our products are not the only ones that will contribute to having a perfect place. The professionals installing them know what they are doing, and the installation won’t affect your final result but rather contribute to its longevity. 

You can leave your pets to play without worrying about what they might do to the turf.

We also help schools by installing artificial turf or even grass depending on the area. This is beautiful and reduces the impact on students who fall, play soccer, practice other sports, or simply enjoy the garden and patio.

We have many choices of synthetic turf and will select the one that is best for your area or all the spaces you offer them.

Turf for pets differs from the turf for schools, and how every area varies: playgrounds, patios, gardens, fields, and more. We must determine how many people use each area and then install the correct artificial turf. This will ensure that your students and their families feel safe, and the product lasts for more than ten years without any maintenance or, at least, not one that requires lots of work.

How to Access Our Services

You can call, email, or even visit our office to get in touch.

We can help you with pet turf, school synthetic turf installations, and playgrounds.

We design the area based on the installation. However, we also offer other services such as repairs, maintenance, replacement, and anything that comes post-installation.

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